An elegant spa town was famous with the high society of Edwardian and Victorian Britain, and ever since it has been popular for visitors for the spa, gardens and the shopping

It is just a few minutes from the Yorkshire Dales, a beautiful area for walking

There is natural environment within Harrogate in the form of the Harrogate Stray. Protected by law these 200 acres of grass give the town a unique feel and setting it apart from other towns, making it always possible to get away from cosmopolitan life

Harrogate became ‘the English Spa’ in the Georgian Era after its waters were discovered in the 16th Century

In the 17th and 18th Centuries its ‘Chalybeate’ waters were a popular health treatment

Harrogate grew out of two smaller settlements High Harrogate and Low Harrogate in the 17th Century

Agatha Christie was found in Harrogate, dancing at the Old Swan Hotel, after going missing 11 days earlier and sparking a national search



Leeds International Airport, Commercial and Private terminals - 13 miles

Harrogate Rail Station (direct trains to London)

York Railway Station for more regular trains to London - 22 Miles 

M1 - 8.5 Miles


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