Safety and security is of paramount importance to both our clients and the service that we provide. During the fit out of residences, there will be a general specification but also option additional security features.



Fully integrated security system designed by qualified professionals

Specially trained ex forces close protection on site 24hrs

Security response to all intrusion and panic alarm activation within seconds

Police response to external alarms within minutes

Security check to all non residential visitors

All mail X-rayed before being delivered



Laminated anti-intrusion glass with UV screening to protect artwork and furniture

Banham locks

Individually programmed key fobs to access secure residents only areas

Individual residential intrusion and panic alarms

Visual access panels for residential access

Automatic numberplate recognition

Airlock in/out access to lower ground vehicle access

CCTV to external and communal areas

Individual lifts to upper floors directly linked to associated car house



Bullet proof glass up to BR6 specification

Steel lined external and internal doors

Panic rooms lined with steel and concrete

Steel roller window and door shutters - fast acting steel shutters to secure key rooms/ areas as an alternative to a panic room or should the panic room not be accessible

Dedicated hard wired external phone line

Biometric scanners including iris and fingerprint recognition to access individual residential spaces such as residences, life, car houses

CCTV to residential lobby areas with face recognition

Bespoke safe installation

Security check before arrival, Lockdown service on departure and frequent vigilance sweeps

High value items painted with a unique DNA solution, In the event of theft, items can be identified and placed on a stolen asset register with Police, dealers and auction houses

Build-in hidden safe. Two code system, one for normal operation and the other for altering security and police in the even of a forced opening

Concealed CCTV within residences built into smoke detectors, thermostats, art work etc.


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